MKG has over 60 years experience in servicing the Pulp, Paper, Printing and Metal industries, offering a large selection of knife grades...
Because of today's quality controls and rapidly changing paper qualities, coating, recycled paper and additives in paper, etc., it is important to choose the right knife. A knife to increase cut quality, and reduce lint and dust from the finished product.

When ordering, our product specialist will provide you with application recommendations. These will depend upon knife design, speed of machinery and type of material to cut. We will evaluate and offer one of the following grades. Please specify make, model and material to be cut.


  • Challenge
  • Consolidated
  • Itoh
  • Lawson
  • McCain
  • Macy
  • Muller/Martini
  • Pacemaker
  • Polar
  • Rosback
  • Seybold
  • Sheridan
  • Stahl
  • Triumph
  • Wohlenberg
  • and others

Standard oil hardened inlaid tool steel knife will provide average blade life.

High Carbon, High chrome alloy tool steel resists wear and abrasion more than MKG 1.

High Speed 18% tungsten alloy inlaid knife provides an increase in blade life as much as 3 times that of MKG 1.

Superior sharpness in the tungsten carbide inlay knives will yield as much as 10 times the blade life of MKG 1.