Whether you are fitting existing equipment or setting up a new slitting line, we have the high performance top and bottom shear knives in stock to do the job efficiently...
Slitter Knives:
Every aspect of shear slitting is enhanced when both top and bottom shear knives are properly matched for optimal quality of cut. They are available in every type and size to fit any possible application. MKG knives are precision made for faster operating speeds, longer blade life and higher edge quality on the products you produce.
  • Jagenberg
  • Lamb-Grays
  • Lenox
  • Maxson
  • Moore & White
  • Pasaban
  • South Worth
  • and others
  • Beck
  • Bielomatik
  • Clark Aiken
  • Datm
  • Didde
  • E.C.H. Will
  • HarrisSchriber
  • Hamblett
Sheeter Knives:
Even higher operating speeds of today's sheeting machinery dramatically increase the demands made on knives used with the machines. Our advanced sheeter knife designs maintain their strong, keen cutting edges for precise clean cuts at all speeds. You get longer blade life, with less downtime and higher productivity. No other knife supplier meets those demands better than MKG.