Insure Consistent Cut Quality with Professional Knife Maintenance...
Professional quality knife grinding produces more cuts per grind and is the first step necessary to improving cut quality. Messenger Knife Grinding Co. utilizes only the highest precision grinding and testing procedures. As a leading knife suppler, it is our business to know the best methods to use in producing as well as maintaining the keenest edge possible.

The precision, state-of-the-art grinding and testing equipment used in our facilities insure knives are sharpened correctly while maintaining the radial and axial run out required by OEM specifications. Special fixturing allows MKG Co. to consistently grind bevels to exact width and angle for you cutting application.

Burr-free cutting edges insure the truest knife-edge and give superior cutting capabilities. MKG Co. developed a special honing process called "Superfinish" to produce the sharpest cutting edge possible today. The "Superfinish" differences results in burr-free edges and dust-free slitting.

The smoothest surface finish possible for the type of knife material being ground is also achieved. With today's powdered metallurgy, bevels need to be polished ground to a 2-4 Ra or better in order to help reduce dust contamination during slitting operations.